As a teacher, it is always my priority to make my classroom an equitable, accessible, and enjoyable space. I favor low-pressure, discussion-based environments in which students know that answers can be "messy" and that they are in a safe space to get things wrong. I have found that this ensures more students have their "lightbulb moments," because they feel comfortable asking questions. Every classroom is different, and every student has their individual needs; it is my job as a teacher to facilitate learning while supporting these needs. 

In my teaching, I believe in student investment, clear communication, accessible resources, and teaching skills that go beyond my classroom. It is my conviction that student assessment should scaffold tangible skills with course learning goals, such as archival research, database exploration, or article reviews.

 I also prioritize primary-source-based experiential learning by giving students hands-on experience with pre-modern written culture. Primary source learning encourages students to grapple with the unconquerable absences of history; although there is much to glean from the extant record, there is much we can never know. In my classroom, I encourage students to live in balance between the known, the unknowable, and the imagined. 


Adjunct Lecturer of English at Indiana University, South Bend: "History of the English Language." Spring 2023

Co-Teaching Class at Rare Books and Special Collections: "Cleopatra." Visiting Undergraduate Course: March, 2022. 

Teaching Assistant to Tim Machan: “British Literary Traditions 1: From Cædmon to Milton.” Undergraduate Course: 2021.

Teaching Assistant to Christopher Miller: “The World of the Middle Ages.” Undergraduate Course: 2021.

Teaching Assistant to Tim Machan: “Heroes, Gods, and Monsters; Myth and Medieval Literature.” Undergraduate Course: 2020.


Notre Dame Rare Books and Special Collections Graduate Curatorial Assistantship with David Gura: 2022. 

Comprehensive Exams in Old English, Middle English, Gender in Medieval England, Medieval Language Theory: 2021.

"Online Pedagogy," Seminar: 2021.

“Inclusive Pedagogy: Inclusive and Anti-Racist Pedagogical Strategies,” Seminar: 2021.

“Discussion-Based Pedagogy,” Working Group: 2019.


Here are some of the resources I have compiled or made for students, as well as sample assignments.

Helpful Medieval Resources
Final Project; Lesson Plan.docx