As a teacher, it is always my priority to make my classroom an equitable, accessible, and enjoyable space. I favor low-pressure, discussion-based environments in which students know that answers can be "messy" and that they are in a safe space to get things wrong. I have found that this ensures more students have their "lightbulb moments," because they feel comfortable asking questions. Every classroom is different, and every student has their individual needs; it is my job as a teacher to facilitate learning while supporting these needs. In my teaching, I believe in student investment, clear communication, accessible resources, and teaching skills that go beyond my classroom. I also believe in connecting our primary sources to the bigger picture and emphasize critical historical thinking. 


Teaching Assistant to Tim Machan: “Heroes, Gods, and Monsters; Myth and Medieval Literature.” Undergraduate Course: 2020.

Teaching Assistant to Christopher Miller: “The World of the Middle Ages.” Undergraduate Course: 2021.

Teaching Assistant to Tim Machan: “British Literary Traditions 1: From Cædmon to Milton.” Undergraduate Course: 2021.

Co-Teaching Class at Rare Books and Special Collections: "Cleopatra." Visiting Undergraduate Course: March, 2022. 

Adjunct Lecturer of English at Indiana University, South Bend: "History of the English Language." Spring 2023


“Discussion-Based Pedagogy,” Working Group: 2019.

"Online Pedagogy," Seminar: 2021.

“Inclusive Pedagogy: Inclusive and Anti-Racist Pedagogical Strategies,” Seminar: 2021.

Comprehensive Exams in Old English, Middle English, Gender in Medieval England, Medieval Language Theory: 2021.

Notre Dame Rare Books and Special Collections Graduate Curatorial Assistantship with David Gura: 2022. 


Here are some of the resources I have compiled or made for students, as well as sample assignments.

Helpful Medieval Resources
Final Project; Lesson Plan.docx